Our Services

We have significant expertise in all areas of construction + infrastructure.

This includes major projects, contract drafting and negotiations, project delivery,
dispute resolution, security of payment and general commercial advisory.

We also work closely with businesses across the transport, not-for-profit, financial services, and agribusiness sectors.

As our clients’ trusted advisors we craft solutions to each individual client.  To do this we embrace technology + agile delivery models.  This includes offering, such as in-house corporate counsel + legal project management systems.

We regularly work with principals and contractors in preparing the documentation for a construction project.  We understand it is important to have clear, concise, and appropriate documentation to deliver a project.  This includes ensuring that the risks are properly allocated and understood by the parties. We are experienced in preparing and negotiating amended standard forms as well as bespoke documents, and in providing commercial and legally sound advice throughout any negotiation. Morrissey Law & Advisory have negotiated and prepared major contracts for projects across Australia, Asia, and the US. This includes working with clients to through all aspects of procurement – from a tender process and awarding a contract, through to completion of a project.

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Morrissey Law & Advisory understand that disputes can be costly and difficult for any business, and we are experts at navigating through a dispute – major or minor – to achieve the best outcome for our clients. We work with clients to extinguish disputes before they escalate, or to properly prosecute or defend any claim that may arise. Our experience includes arbitration (both domestic and internationally), expert determination, mediation, litigation, as well as other forms of alternative dispute resolution. We work with, and manage, teams of experts and counsel to ensure that a consistent and appropriate legal strategy is implemented.  This includes acting on a range of issues  including, project delays, claims for payment, disputed insurance claims, corporate and director disputes, property disputes, and interlocutory and injunctive proceedings.

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Morrissey Law & Advisory have significant experience in managing, preparing, and defending claims under the security of payment legislation.  This includes managing appeals around the application of the legislation. We have advised on the legislation in all jurisdictions and understand the value in properly managing claims and disputes under the Act. Our experience includes preparing detailed submissions and all documentation to prosecute and defend claims, as well as negotiating commercial outcomes to ensure the parties can continue to work together to deliver the project. We also have significant experience in litigation and defending jurisdictional issues associated with the application of the legislation in court.

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We work with our clients to craft real solutions and documents that cater for their business.  Morrissey Law & Advisory is experienced in preparing the documentation needed to structure and manage a business.  This experience includes:
  • Drafting and negotiating supply and licence agreements, including for major equipment;
  • Preparing general commercial terms and documents;
  • Advice and strategy around corporate structuring and documentation;
  • Joint venture agreements and MOUs;
  • Sale and purchase of business and business assets;
  • Personal Property Security Act issues;
  • Insolvency and restructuring advice; and
  • General advice around employment issues.
We also work with client to develop training and operational systems to ensure that any documentation is useful for their day to day requirements.

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Morrissey Law & Advisory has significant experience advising clients on compliance with, and claims under, the Home Building Act and domestic building legislation.  We are experienced advocates in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, District Court and Supreme Court, and work closely with residential builders to manage and resolve claims. This expertise includes managing claims for a multi-defects and claims by owners corporations.
We understand that the delivery of major projects, or management of major disputes, can be a difficult task even for experienced corporate and legal teams.  Developing a strategy for the delivery of any major transaction, implementing that strategy, and ensuring a legal project is delivered in a timely manner and reflective of a clients’ priorities on that project. We use innovative software, and experienced practitioners, to work with corporate clients and law firms to achieve the deliverables needed for a project or a dispute.
We have a range of scaleable general and corporate counsel services available to cater for business. This includes a number of packages that range from small business through to the bespoke requirements of large businesses, or businesses going through a period of substantial growth. We also provide short in-house retainers or longer placements for project-specific needs. We craft the general counsel service to suit the ongoing operational requirements of the business.