Sam Griffey

Sam Griffey

Legal Design & Marketing

(02) 4038 1620
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In addition to driving our marketing efforts, Sam provides a key perspective to the team with his ability to apply design-thinking to our legal projects.

Anyone with a young child would know just how much joy the “why” game can bring – something that Sam can very much relate to…

The further we dig into the exciting legal design area, the more Sam enjoys asking our lawyers “why?”.

Why do we have never-ending pages in never-ending documents, superfluous clauses, unintelligible lawyer-speak, inefficient processes, complex communication channels, stressed lawyers, frustrated clients? These are just a few entries on the endless list of “lawyer things” that Sam gets to explore, with the end goal of breaking them down and designing better ways of doing what we do.

Translating lawyer-talk into English and designing ways to distill legal documents and advice down into functional and valuable resources for our clients is what Sam is all about. It’s a very exciting field in the legal industry (and yes, exciting and legal industry can occasionally be used in the same sentence), and just between me and you, we have a lot of exciting things on the way!

In addition to our legal design projects, Sam is our official marketing guy, unofficial IT guy, unwilling Microsoft Word guy, and general jack-of-all-trades.

Just like Sam’s roles in the office, he’s a weird mix outside the office too – Loves the beach, but a country boy at heart – Loves the outdoors but just as happy in front of a screen – is a sports nut, but geeks out over science and tech.
Oh…. and cats.

Trivia Night:

Sam’s specialty topic is geography and world flags and can’t go past a good dark beer.