The NSW Construction Leadership Group (the ‘CLG’) is a government body led by Infrastructure NSW.

The CLG was established to promote innovation and reform throughout the development, procurement and delivery of government projects.

The NSW government recognises the importance of the public-private partnership in achieving the State’s infrastructure goals. Accordingly, the CLG oversees the “Ten Point Commitment to the Construction Sector Action Plan” (the Action Plan); acting as an intermediary for the relevant NSW Government agencies involved in the delivery of the pipeline of infrastructure investment.

The Action Plan

The main goals of the Action Plan are to:

  • reduce the industry’s downtime by streamlining Government procurement processes. For example, the Interactive Tendering Guidelines were recently prepared for the CLG. We covered this document in a recent article you can find here.
  • promote positive cultural change and employ greater diversity within the construction industry
  • foster partnership, innovation and collaboration between the public and private sector

Future of the CLG and the Action Plan

The next step for the CLG is to develop an implementation plan and roll out specific measures to achieve their commitments. To date these have included:

  • Driving the implementation of the Action Plan (more detail here)
  • Introduction of the draft Interactive Tendering Guidelines
  • Developing an industry discussion paper of guidance for security on construction projects
  • Developing a NSW bid cost contributions policy
  • Building practice notes for collaboration and action around procurement and the delivery of projects

More information on the CLG is available on the Infrastructure NSW website.

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