Gabriella Maughan

Gabriella Maughan

Legal Project Manager

(02) 4038 1620
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Gabriella has a passion for innovation and modernising legal practices.

Gabriella’s work as a Legal Project Manager (Innovation Projects) is fuelled by her past experiences as a paralegal and analyst in Australian and international markets. These experiences have enabled her to observe and experience the inefficiencies of legal practice, finding her with an intense passion for innovation and rejecting the status quo in favour of progress.

Gabriella is particularly interested in ideation, legal design, legal operations, how legal service delivery impacts the client experience, innovation as a risk management strategy, innovation portfolio creation and management, and how these factors can be leveraged for firm growth and sustainability.

Since joining the Morrissey Law team, Gabriella has delved deeply into our operations and is leading our move away from the billable hour and towards value-based pricing. This work has revealed Gabriella as a curious, thoroughly analytical, and logical innovator with an impressive knack for designing creative solutions to complex and deep-rooted problems.

A few of Gabriella’s many highlights include:

  • Paralegal in an Australian-based commercial law firm.

  • Analyst in a London-based legal consultancy firm.

  • Designing and delivering innovation events as the Founding President of the Innovation + Entrepreneurship Society at the University of Newcastle.

  • Mapping the legal technology ecosystem at the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship.

  • Experience in Silicon Valley at Stanford, Berkeley, Google, Facebook, and ARM.

  • Participant in the NSW Law Society’s Innovation Hackathon to improve lawyer’s technology literacy.

  • Involved in the design of a novel Technology and Innovation Management course for a Boston-based university.

  • Involved in the formation of the Newcastle City Council’s Innovation Economy Response to COVID-19.

  • Ghostwriter for a professional service firm on risk management strategies under the ISO 19000 Framework.

Gabriella is a born and bred Novocastrian who loves to travel, but always finds herself coming back for Newcastle’s scenic coastline. She also makes a pretty good basil pesto.

Trivia Night:

Gab’s specialty trivia topic is geography and her go-to pub meal is a steak with a schooner.