Gabriella Maughan

Legal Project Manager

(02) 4038 1620
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Gabriella believes in rejecting the status quo in favour of progress and though she hates the over-used phrase, she loves the idea of ‘doing law differently’…

Gabriella’s experience as a paralegal in multiple firms has allowed her to observe and experience the inefficiencies of legal practice. These observations have fuelled her passion for innovation and intrapraneurship in law firms.

Gab is particularly interested in ideation, how the design of legal services can impact the quality of its delivery, and how such design can contribute to strategic innovation goals such as portfolio creation and management.

Since joining the Morrissey Law team, Gabriella has dug deeply into our operations and is leading our project to move from the billable hour to value-based pricing.

Gabriella is a thoroughly analytical and logical individual, with an amazing knack for designing creative solutions to deep-rooted problems.