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Construction and project delivery can be complicated.  We aim to make sure that process + documentation around projects remains as simple as possible.

Morrissey Law + Advisory works closely with contractors, principals, financiers, energy providers and subcontractors to develop, manage and implement projects, including preparing relevant and appropriate contracts and documentation.

We understand that in order to properly deliver a project, it is essential that the documentation is clear, concise, and appropriate.  This includes ensuring that the risks are properly allocated and understood by the parties working around that project.

Our experience in construction contract and delivery includes:

  • feasibility and project implementation strategy;
  • procurement and tendering – from assessing the risks through to assessing the tenderers;
  • risk analysis and management;
  • contract review, drafting and management;
  • project and corporate governance; and
  • claim strategy and management.

We advise on project models including public private partnerships, D + C, O M and EPC contracts.  The projects we work on include large scale construction for solar and energy, infrastructure (including major remediation projects), and large commercial, residential, and industrial projects.

We are experienced in preparing and negotiating amended standard forms as well as bespoke documents, and in providing commercial and legally sound advice throughout any negotiation. Morrissey Law + Advisory have negotiated and prepared major contracts for projects across Australia, Asia, India, and the United States.


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