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You Grow = We Grow

That’s what we’re all about at Morrissey Law.

We try to create a unique work environment that brings out the best in our team members.
We think we may be onto something too, having grown from a one-man show, to almost 20 staff in just three years…

…but we’re just getting started!

current roles

We don’t have anything specific going at the moment, but we’re always keen to meet new people.

Get in touch for a chat!

about us

Fresh thinking

We don’t do things just because that’s the way things are done. Legal design and innovation are a huge part of Morrissey Law.

As an industry, we’re just beginning to think about starting to plan to prepare for how we set out to find the tip of this incredibly exciting iceberg… and we love it!

Exciting times ahead and we want to lead the way.

We grow when you grow

Personal and professional development for us are one and the same, and the growth of our team members is an absolute priority at Morrissey Law.

We embrace individuality, and provide opportunities and support for our team members to grow inside and outside of the job.

We believe that personal and professional growth of our team members is the best way for us to grow as a firm.

Office furniture is expensive

We don’t want to wear out our chairs by sitting in them all day everyday.

But really we want everyone to have a healthy work/life balance.

We encourage everyone to take advantage of flexible working arrangements, great office locations, and tech-enabled remote working.

The ‘-ity’ words are not just words

Equality, diversity, sustainability, responsibility.

We’re proud to belong to a team that actively pursues and promotes these values in our work, our lives and our world.

Create together

There is no ‘i’ in Morrssey Law + Advsory.

We work collaboratively across several office locations – supporting each other, learning from each other, and achieving great things together.

Use your powers for good

Law gets a bad wrap sometimes – but we firmly believe it should have a positive impact on the world.

We look to create positive solutions and valuable services to empower our clients as they build the world around us.

about you

Are you a lawyer?
Are you a “not-lawyer”?
Are you an introvert?
Are you an extrovert?

Are you experienced?
Are you a new grad?
Are you level-headed?
Are you excitable?
Are you a human?

Are you creative?
Are you an academic?
Are you tech-savvy?
Are you adventurous?

If you answered yes or no to any of these questions, we don’t care!
(well, maybe the human one, but we’re open-minded)

There’s no employee profile we’re looking to match you up against.
All we know is we’re always looking for great people to build our team.

Fresh or experienced,
legal or non-legal,
if you want us to know who you are,
we probably want to know who you are too!

If any of the roles above pique your interest follow the links,
and if not, drop us a line here anyway.