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That wasn’t what I expected: Managing latent conditions for contractors

October 4th, 2018|Categories: Construction Contracts, Construction disputes, Construction Law, Home Building, Security of Payment|

What are latent conditions? Latent conditions in a construction project refer to those conditions which cannot be identified prior to entering into a contract.  Usually this means the conditions that cannot be identified by review of the relevant project documentation, in other testing or investigations, or during a routine inspection prior to undertaking works. Latent

Franchising in construction: Is it worth it?

September 18th, 2018|Categories: Commercial & Corporate Advisory, Construction Law, Home Building|

Many businesses in the construction industry, from project home builders through to subcontractors and manufacturers, look to franchising as an option to expand their business and market footprint.  But before making the leap towards franchising a business, it’s important to understand what franchising is and what risks may be associated with that business model. What

Variation claims – how to effectively claim

September 10th, 2018|Categories: Construction Contracts, Construction disputes, Construction Law, Home Building|

Change can appear inevitable, but when it comes to variation claims on a construction project, it can also be costly and confusing for all parties, including contractors, owners and financiers. Morrissey Law + Advisory have prepared an insight into what actually constitutes a variation and the way in which variation claims may be substantiated. What

Unhappy with the strata scheme building report and secretary’s decision?

September 7th, 2018|Categories: Construction disputes, Construction Law, Strata Defects|

How to review a decision under the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015.   A decision to review a decision under the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (NSW) (the Act) may have significant implications to parties involved in the strata scheme. For more information on the scheme, view our article here. A decision under the Act

Design defects in buildings – builder and developer liability

September 3rd, 2018|Categories: Construction disputes, Dispute Resolution, Strata Defects|

But I built to the plans and specifications! Design defects in buildings.  Developers and builders are now potentially liable for design defects in buildings, that’s the key takeaway from the recent NSW Court of Appeal decision The Owners – Strata Plan No 66375 v King [2018] NSWCA 170. A recent NSW Court of Appeal decision

Strata building defects? How to gain access if denied

August 31st, 2018|Categories: Construction Law, Dispute Resolution, Home Building, Strata Defects|

Strata building defects can quickly sour the relationship between owners and builders.  This creates an issue where the builder is attempting to access the building to attend to the rectification of strata building defects that are found in an inspection report. Below we outline how the strata building bond and inspection scheme (the Scheme) under

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